Change of Immigrant Category, Registration and
Transfer of Visa in Ecuador

Registration of visas obtained in a foreign country. A visa obtained from a consulate abroad must be registered with the Directorate of Immigration within 30 days from the date of entry;

Transfer of Visa. If for any reason the foreigner with an Ecuadorian visa request a new passport, a transfer of visa on his new passport has to be done.

Census card. A census is issued by the Migration Service of the National Police to keep track of foreigners in the country, temporarily or permanently. This card is valid throughout the territory of the Republic of Ecuador.

This card is requested by border police when you access an airport. This document is a requirement for travel. Thus, it is essential to conduct its census in order to be allowed to leave the country.

Migration flows. The “Migratory Movement” is a certificate showing the entry and the exit of the country of foreigners by air, sea or land. The existence of this document is justified for reasons like: customs, legal issues, election issues, immigration, etc.