Legal Tool Times Of Crisis Ecuador

Legal tools in Times of Crisis in Ecuador

Why Using Legal tools?

Puente & Asociados

The current global crisis and its impact on the country force contractors to rethink their goals and their plans of strategy and negotiation. In times of crisis, it is essential to detect possible tools to better control costs such as those induced by the staff, stocks, etc.

1. Legal audit

The audit includes:

• Legal review of the company. (Constitution, appointments, powers, protection of intellectual property law).

• Audit of your contracts. – Review of all of your contracts (purchases, sales, logistics, human resources, etc.).

• Audit on labor law. – Contract, hiring procedures, company policy, company regulation, rules of hygiene and safety, etc.

• Regulatory issues. – Review of the compliance of your legal requirements (permits, certificates, business licenses, clearances, etc.).

• Judicial. – Analysis of legal proceedings (civil, criminal, procedures relating to employment law, taxation, etc.) and administrative claims that were made or could potentially be addressed against your company.

2. Debts restructuring

• Evaluation of companies possibly touched by restructuring.

• Development and implementation of restructuring agreements under the regulations.

• Advices in the process of recapitalization, reorganization and change of control.

3. Advice on employment law in times of crisis

• Contractual revisions.
• Drafting of framework contract.
• Advices on business decisions in labor law.
• Legal reporting.
• Audit in labor law.
• Managing
    – Legalization of documents and contracts
    – End of working relationship conflict

    *Express management

• Representation
    – Hearings of the Ministry of Labor
    – Representation and defense in court cases in the field of labor law
    – Representation and defense in case of conflicts
    – Collective labor disputes

• Human Resource Management
– Development of salary structures for effective crisis management
     – Alignment of the wage structure in accordance with the organizational strategy of the company
     – HR Management
     – Models of Human Resource Management

4. Tax planning and organization of working capital.

• Advices on tax law as well as in national fiscal policies (Tax Support).

• Management measures relating to the tax authorities under the sponsorship of organizations such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), municipalities, courts.

• Optimization of working capital

5. Legal tools for family businesses

• Consulting and developing protocols for family.

• Code of good governance.

• Business Succession

• Legal system of heritage protection.

6. Analysis, planning and strategy 

• Strategic line (Vision, Mission, Values)

• Analysis of current situation

• Analysis of different variables and different actors

• Construction of scenarios.

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