Labor Law Advice in Ecuador

Puente & Asociados has been considered by The Legal 500 as a Leading firm on labor matters. Our extensive experience and high percentage of successful cases has placed us as a reference in the field.

• Defense and sponsorship on labor trials
• Defense and sponsorship on collective labor disputes
• Statutory audit
• Training and updating in-house program
• Advisory on contracting schemes
• Termination of labor relations
• Legal policies on Human Resources
• Regularization and legal advisory on contracts of foreign personnel
• Advisory and management of procedures before the Ministry of Labor
• Regulation on industrial security and hygiene


Management policies in human resources. Establishment of clear rules for the human resources staff to track a recruitment policy (Eligibility, Requirements, contract formation, etc).

Contractual revisions. We review the contracts that our customers use, with the aim of regulating the recruitment process, and to write new contracts, license, permit, etc.

Approval of working hours – If the company wishes to exercise its activities during work days other than those normally worked, Puente & Asociados will take care of their approval with the authorities.

Regularization and advice on recruitment of foreign personnel We diagnose the future implications of hiring foreign personnel, as well as the requirements or obligations to regulate the foreign staff.

In this case, Puente & Asociados is responsible for obtaining work permits, visas for workers and their families, the census map, and any document required.
Hearings of the Ministry of External Relations – The lawyers of our firm move to ensure the hearings and the various auditions organized by the Ministry of Labor.

Legal representation in the field of employment law – Our lawyers represent clients in all litigation.

The vast experience of our lawyers in the defense of employers allows us to offer a high rate of success in court decisions.

Defense in collective labor disputes – We provide advice and support in the negotiation of your collective disputes.

Company regulation – Depending on the needs of different clients, Puente & Asociados prepare the company regulation and is responsible for approval it by the Ministry of Labor and Employment.

Health and hygiene regulation Puente & Asociados is responsible for the formation of committees on health and safety, and the registration of safety officers and health. In addition, we implement the regulation on health and safety in partnership with outside counsel specializing in risk work, and duly recorded in F4 on the list approved by the Ministry of Labor and Employment (Highest rank which allows the realization of regulations, even for large companies)

Reporting – According to the legal needs of each client, different issues will be addressed in writing or orally. In case the request would be addressed in writing, a report will be sent, it contains the following main aspects:

• Background
• Current situation
• Applicable laws
• Conclusions and recommendations