Specific adjustments for Peruvians and Venezuelans
Puente & Asociados

A special status of permanent migrant for Ecuadorians / Peruvians applies throughout the territory of the Republic of Ecuador. If a citizen whishes to work for more than six months during the year, it must be employed and provide a visa application, including:

• A valid passport (for at least 6 months).
• Demonstrate a minimum of 180 consecutive and uninterrupted days of residence in the Ecuadorian territory by providing card of immigration, title/Lease duly registered, pay slip/Affidavit certifying a period in the territory of minimum 180 day.
• Certificate of no criminal record.
• Employment contract duly authenticated.

In addition, a visa is granted to the spouse, children under 18, disabled children of all ages and first degree ascendants.

A special status of migrant applies to Venezuelans who find themselves in an irregular situation in the Republic of Ecuador on March 17, 2011, and would have stayed more than 180 days in the territory (at April 18, 2011). These citizens may obtain an immigrant visa (9-VII), valid indefinitely and without charge.


• Valid passport that bears the authentic stamp for entry into Ecuador.
• Immigration card which contains the authentic stamp for entry into Ecuador.
• Unaccompanied minors without their parents must submit a formal application to the Consulate of Venezuela in Ecuador.